Aluminum Railings: Series 9000

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Superior Series 9000 Assembled Picket Railing is available in 6 feet lengths and custom lengths in 2-line or 3-line styles. Both styles are available in a wide range of heights. See other design styles and options on our website. The railing can meet step railing requirements by specifying the riser and tread dimensions of the steps. Swivel brackets are required for step rail applications. If railing is angled horizontally, specify the angle so the proper openings can be machined in the post for top and bottom rail insertions.

Custom railing lengths, continuous top rail with crossover post and other special construction ideas are also available.

All posts are 2-1/2" square and pickets are 3/4" square, with standard picket spacing on 4-1/2" centers. The top rail has a code approved 2" wide gripping surface for ramps, stairs or on horizontal railing.

Also available is the Series 9900 with a 2" wide x 4" high top rail and pickets 1-1/2" wide x 3/4", and has the no-maintenance qualities of aluminum. The Series 9550 3-line style (level rail only) features a 1-1/2" Schedule 40 round top rail, with an outside diameter of 1.90".

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Aluminum Railings: Series 9000 Aluminum Railings: Series 9000
Aluminum Railings: Series 9000 Aluminum Railings: Series 9000